Thursday, August 16, 2012

Social Media Review Series: How These Sites Measure Up

Wouldn't it be nice to know how a site operates before you join?  After some positive and negative experiences with different websites, I am inspired to start a series of reviewing the most popular ones.  I'm going to cover all the ones I have known for years, and I am going to join some new ones and try those out too.

I will discuss options the sites offer, how user friendly the site is, the customer service they offer and the quality of it, the layout of the site, how visually appealing it is, and the overall experience of belonging to and using the site.

I just opened my brand spanking new Tumblr account and am excited to explore it!  Until I have a chance to really get a feel for it, we will discuss Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  We will even go into the worlds of Pinterest and Wanelo.  I will also share my own user experiences on these sites and how powerful a tool I have found them to be for promoting my business.  Although, when it comes to social media sites, milage may vary.  I know that there are sites that I haven't found to be helpful that some of my friends have found to be very successful.

I thought I would start with Facebook in this series, since it is the one I have used the longest.  So look for a lot of great information on Facebook and how to use it to your best advantage next!

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