Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sales and Giveaways to know about!

There is a HUGE Earth Day sale that Team Upcyclers put together!  There are several shops involved.  I am giving 20% off everything in my yarn store.  Use coupon code UpcycleEarthDay.  All shops are using the same coupon code, but not all shops are giving the same discounts.  So look through the list on Team Upcyclers blog and check out all of the great deals and get shopping!

The other is a giveaway being done by the lovely girls at Lloyarye.  They are both turning 25 and for their birthdays they are doing a giveaway of 25 items!  It's one of the most ambitious giveaways I have come across and they have gotten some fabulous loot.  Please visit their blog and enter now.

In honor of it being Earth Day, I thought I would end this with a couple eco tips:
1.)  Go paperless!  Get your bills and bank statements sent digitally to your email.  Pay bills electronically with your bank account or credit/debit card.
2.)  Grow your own garden.  You can grow your own organic fruit and veggies without paying extra at the grocery store.
3.)  Borrowing from Jimmy Carter here a minute, but turn down the thermostat a couple of degrees and put on a sweater.  I am always freezing and used to be the worst offender at turning up the heat, but I have learned my lesson.  If I can change that habit anyone can.  :)
4.)  My newest obsession is upcycled clothes.  Why manufacture more clothing in deplorable working conditions with heavy machinery that dumps pollutants into the air we breathe?  There are so many fabulous unknown eco designers on Etsy that are making stylish clothes out of the most remarkable things.  Undies out of t shirts.  Bags out of discarded bomber jackets.  Clothing made entirely from other discarded clothing.  There is so much creativity involved.  The clothes seem broke in already and instantly comfortable.  This is all I am buying for clothes now.

Well that is all for today.  It is a beautiful sunny Sunday in Seattle so it is time to get outside and enjoy this weather.  I think today I will work on recycling some more yarn, cutting some new t shirt cords and putting the new smaller labels on my recycled yarn that is already up.  And then photos.  Oh boy, so much for relaxing in the sun.  Well, Happy Earth Day everyone!

Love and Peace,

Idle Hands Yarn and Supply

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